Linear Algebra

2x3 matrix
Identity matrix




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Unsolvable Problems

Comic by explainxkcd — Proving one of these four (Hodge, Birch/SD, Poincare, Navier-Stokes, Riemann) is unsolvable but not which. If it’s one of THESE it would open a hole in Perlman’s Poincare Conjecture, proof. But it would also mean that solving either of the other two would re-prove Poincare and imply Hodge is isomorphic too… Subtitle: I’m trying to make it so the Clay Mathmatics Insittute has to offer an eighth prize to whoever figures out who their other prizes should go to.

A Silly Algorithm for Prime Factorization

Law of Conservation of Momentum

laws of conservation of momentum

A new analogy for dimensions

But Why? Part 10: Formulae

Forget the Quadratic Formula… Complete the Square

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Akshar Rastogi

Akshar Rastogi

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